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---- The pioneers of Australian premium wine, wine education and wine cosmetics.

       From the day of establishment, Blue Orchid Enterprise Pty Ltd has been a pioneering company dedicated to the promotion of Australian premium wine, wine education, wine cosmetic products and wine tourism services to the world and in particular to the great Chinese market.

• We promote Australian premium wines, from everyday drinking to ultra-premium quality to cap a stately occasion.

• We are passionate in conducting wine education crossing from beginners to the most motivated learners who are keen to explore profoundly the local terroir and artistic winemaking techniques;

• We are the leader in Wine Tourism Services with our professional wine team speaking in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. The key services include Corporate Conference, Wine & Dine Events; Premium wedding service & gifts. We have successful managed to provide the authentic Chinese dining in our Hunter Valley venue Vineyard Hill Resort, which enables our valued customers especially our Chinese clients to interact and learn Chinese Food and Wine paring knowledges and manners in the heart of Hunter Valley.

• With the deep understanding on how wines enrich our life and a delicate mind on how lifestyle can impact our healthy status, Blue Orchid has produced an exclusive range of wine cosmetic products that enhance our mind & soul. This is particularly more poignant for a large group of Asian females who are kept out from the beauty of wine culture and has limited connection to the nature. At Blue Orchid we firmly believe, nature brings authentic beauty.



从创立之初,Blue Orchid Enterprise就在精品葡萄酒酿造,葡萄酒文化教育以及葡萄酒观光服务、葡萄酒天然美容领域积极拓展开发,尤其是对于中国市场的生活方式引领成为一面旗帜。

• 我们的精品葡萄酒产品系列从入门级别的每日饮用到最高质量的限量级精品,品种广泛而多元。

• 我们是葡萄酒文化教育的积极执行推广企业。我们的葡萄酒教程从为最初级人士制定、到为了深度学习精品产区风土特点与艺术般的酿酒技艺的高级学习者们定制,内容丰富实用。

• 我们在澳大利亚葡萄酒学习观光服务上面引领着市场。我们的葡萄酒专业团队提供英语、普通话以及粤语的各项葡萄酒服务,其中主要业务包括商务会议接待、葡萄酒晚宴服务、高端定制婚礼以及定制葡萄酒礼品等。我们特别在我们的Vineyard Hill Resort 引入了正宗的中餐料理,得以让我们尊贵的宾客尤其是中国背景的客户深度进入猎人谷葡萄酒精品产区学习体验中式料理和葡萄酒的搭配知识与文化礼仪。

• 带着对葡萄酒丰富人生的深入理解和葡萄酒是如何提升我们健康品质的细腻思考,Blue Orchid Enterprise着手研发了一系列纯天然的葡萄酒自然美肤护理产品,给予我们的心灵和思想更多更美的健康元素。我们特别考虑到亚洲的女性群体,传统的社会价值让大量女性失去了接触葡萄酒文化的机会、同时都市日益严重的污染环境也让她们更少的能够与大自然的纯洁元素结合。大自然能带来最纯粹的美丽 – 正是我们核心的产品的理念。

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